Terms & Conditions

Photo Ownership

When booking a session with Capture Thee Moments Photography, you are granting the photographer, Kimberly Burton FULL ownership of your images. She is able to then use whichever image(s) of her choosing for promotional/marketing purposes. If for any reasons, you would not like your images shared, please communicate that IN WRITING, before your session. 


For all photography assignments, both big and small, a non-refundable security deposit is required. The deposit is not an additional fee to your session; rather it is 25% of the total being paid in advance. This is needed to secure the date, time, and location for your session and is due AT BOOKING.  


Much time and effort goes into planning and scheduling all photography assignments, and for such reason Capture Thee Moments Photography does not issue refunds. If for any reason you have a time conflict with the original date chosen, you are given the option to postpone for a time that is more convenient. Though it is rare, refunds may  be granted upon special circumstances, but that must be communicated to the photographer, in writing.