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Happy New Year! The Year Of Discipline and Rest

Happy New Year everyone! (not sure when the right day is to stop saying that lol)

The start of a new year is always so refreshing for me. I absolutely love the idea of a clean slate, new beginnings and most importantly downtime and rest. As photographers, January tends to be a sweet spot for us. It’s finally time to decompress, unwind and relax especially following the holidays. I told myself that I would have a soft start to the new year. Most of the times I am always on go, and it was important for me to slow down as I opened the new year to not only give myself a break, but gain clarity on how I want this year to go.

As I wrote down my goals for the year, both business and personal two important things came to mind and that is discipline and rest. With each goal that I wrote down, I know that both discipline and rest will be critical components in helping me achieve my goals. Of course we know discipline is required to do anything challenging, but we often neglect the rest that is equally needed as well. This year I’m challenging myself and whoever is reading this to prioritize rest and remain discipline in whatever you’re setting out to do.

The way in which we do this may vary for each of us, but I want to share what has been working for me so far, and what I plan to do moving forward.

  1. Prioritize time with God daily- The way in which I do this each day will look different; however, I know that this is needed for me to quiet my mind and relieve any stress present.

  2. Don’t slack on exercise- At least 3 times I week my body needs exercise. I need to be physically fit to have the energy to sustain my goals.

  3. Block off my calendar several dates a month for just me time- This one I anticipate being tricky because I truly love what I do; however, I know it is needed. Far too often last year, I neglected my time for self care to serve others, when I realized I was doing a disservice to myself.

  4. Say no with conviction- I am committing to setting boundaries and not budging on them. I have learned that saying no is liberating, saying no is self care. Say no to what does not serve you. Period.

  5. Grace myself- It’s okay if my entire todo list is not checked off my 5pm or by the end of the week. It is okay if some moments I need to step back. I was not created to do it all and I no longer will attempt to do it all.

Now I won’t lie, doing these five things will be challenging for me, but I’m confident that with intentionality it can and will be done. I want to hear from you next! How has your start to the new year been? Also, what do you want to hear/see more of on this side? Let me know below!

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