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Welcome Back - The Importance of Showing Up

Welcome back! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a blog postt! So last Sunday I did a thing! I did my first vendor booth at the Washington Bridal Expo at the Washington Convention Center. There were over thousands of brides in attendance and over a hundred vendors. To say I was nervous, anxious and slightly stressed is truly an understatement. Given that it was my first time vending in a while since COVID and my first time vending at a bridal expo, I truly didn’t know what to expect. I wrestled with the thoughts, “are they going to like me?”, “will my set up be as nice I want?” and the like. To top it off the week of the event almost all of my marketing material that I ordered was incorrect. I had to do a-lot of last minute runs, some even the day before, and of the event. With my already jam packed schedule this was not ideal and was an added layer of stress. Now most people may not share so candidly because in business we often like to look like we have it all together, but I have no problem with saying and showing I don’t. As I looked around the room at the event I was incredibly intimidated. I probably was the youngest in the room and didn’t feel that my booth looked as good as others. As hard as it was to not get in over my head and freak alllll the way out, I reminded myself of something a former student (who is more like a daughter) said to me. She said, “Be you!! The photos will definitely capture attention, but your energy, personality, and smile will keep them! Trust God and trust yourself. You got this!!”. She affirmed me in such a way that I truly felt God speak to me through her. I was reminded just how true those words were. Many of my clients came my way because of who I am as a person. Yes, I deliver a quality photography experience, but for many people who have worked with me, they keep on coming back because of who I am at the core. They enjoy my aura, my patience, my personality and the like. This was my time to showcase just that! While my artwork will speak for itself, I have the opportunity to connect with guests and just be myself. l It can be challenging navigating in an already overly saturated market and wondering just how you’ll stand out or be noticed. I was reminded that being me in enough. As an entrepreneur it can be challenging to not compare yourselves to others and essentially “keep up with the Jones’”. I had to remind myself that God’s got me. He covers my business and I firmly believe each client that has come my way was sent by Him. As entrepreneurs it is important that we continue to remind ourselves that God truly will make room to grace us. While I may not have felt qualified to be in that room initially, I was reminded I was because God opened the door to begin with. I had to silence the imposter syndrome and do what I do best, which is simply show up! I could’ve allowed myself to crumble and let the voices of the enemy shrink me, but I showed up. I’m so glad I did because it was truly a wonderful experience! I connected with so many people and after conquering this event, am happy to say I want to continue doing more. If you’ve gotten to the end of this blog post, this is your reminder to show up in whatever capacity you’re being called to do so. No, you may not have all the answers and yes, it may be nerve wrecking, but trust that God’s got you! Show up and watch his hand move!

November 18, 2022

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